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Presentation of appaloosas horses

Appaloosa is a breed of horse that stands out for its unusual heel color. Easily recognizable and uneven, Appaloosa were raised in the United States.

The Appaloosas breed

Representatives of this breed can be found in almost all types of equestrian sports. A flexible character allows you to use appaloosa as a family horse. Appaloosa is unpretentious of food, can live on the same hay. At the same time, fast. Low with extremely strong and colic-resistant hooves. They look soft. Appaloosa has been specially designed to work with one person. Very intelligent and quick-witted, often daring, balanced. Quickly grasp and learn different tricks. Very often, they have become faithful friends of a partner person, by choosing them independently. This horse was born from an unusual combination of colors with very considerable shades. For his costume with at least the seven terms that are in roan, shabrack, matching with black spots. Spotted skin is one of the main external signs of horror.

The presentation of the breed

The skin of the representatives of this breed may be flesh-colored, non-pigmented or pigmented, with inclusions of dark areas. White sclera is another characteristic of the Appaloosa breed. Sclera is the white area around the eye that covers the eyeball. Horses of all breeds have sclera, but in appaloosa, it is more pronounced and clearly visible. In addition to white sclera, many representatives of this breed are also characterized by large white spots on the face. And finally, vertical dark or white spots on the hooves. This symptom cannot be qualified as characteristic only for the Appaloosa breed, as such scratches may be a continuation of white marks on the foot or traces of injuries in representatives of other breeds. The creation of the Appaloosa breed is the merit of the Indian tribe Neza Pers, who lived in the northwest of the country. Their horses, most of which were crampons, were highly prized by other tribes.

They selected the most alert and dashing people, and sold less appropriate people.