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Surf lessons in the French Basque Country

The reasons you may visit the Basque Country could varie, if it's not for business it's leisure, and the Basque Country is a truly amazing place for lesisure, from adventuring around the Basque Country, to tasting fabulous food and wine, the scenary is breath taking possibly, if not the most beautiful in Europe, in terms of things to do, you won't be dissapointed. Take advantage of the beauty of the Basque Country, the relaxed atmosphere and give the local sports a go, you can surf, canoeing, rafting, then the activites you can do in the mountains too, from sking and snowboarding during the winter to bike riding and hiking in the summer, there is never a wrong time to visit.

If you are a beginer in whatever sector or sport, there are plenty of centres and shools that can accomodate all beginners or whatever the level of the person who wished to give the sport of their choice a try, one of the recommended places to go is the Surf School Bidart they will look after you and make sure your level will improve, or even if it's just for a single session or just for fun for the day, they will take care of you, you will be in safe and good hands, take a look at their website at https://experience-surfschool.com/ leant the basics of surfing and experience one of the most famous sports in this great part of the world, make the most of your trip and try new things.


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