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The only place to find saddles restored to their original quality

Are you looking for a way to get your saddle back in good condition? Saddle restoration is possible! If you have used antares saddles, bring them back to Equitack and they will arrange it with perfection. You will find your saddle in its original state.

The appearance of imperfections on the saddlery of the horse

You often ask yourself how bumps or cracks may appear on your equestrian equipment. The bumps are explained by inadequate storage of leather. On the other hand, the formation of "wrinkles" comes solely from the passing of time. The leather is resistant and tear-resistant thanks to its collagen composition. However, when riding regularly, bumps and creases form on your saddle. They are due to a temporary but regular load and to unilateral pressure on certain areas. On the other hand, the formation of "wrinkles" comes mainly from the passage of time, from the sun, and from the dryness of untreated leather.

Taking care of your saddle

Maintaining saddlery equipment ensures the safety of equestrian practices by regularly checking the condition of the harnesses used. The quality of the leather, the buckle and the method of maintenance will affect its resistance to wear and time. That is why with the help of Equitack is necessary.

The maintenance of the horse's harness makes it possible to check the state of the seams and the buckle, an essential task to prevent accidents. We will check mainly the condition of the leather and the seams of the friction zones and the enchapures notably at the level of the halters, stirrups, reins and strap. Checking the jaws is just as important. Indeed, the wear of the jaws causes play and a gap between the guns and the olive bit.

Thus, it is essential to maintain your saddle or have it repaired for your comfort and that of your horse. Equitack offers you this catering service.


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